By Alexandrina Kentska | 16 May 2017

It is incredible how Launer London, the English brand of wallets and leather goods, saw a significant increase in sales following the death of Margaret Thatcher, as well as during Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. And what will be the relationship between the two events? It is that, besides exponents of one of the greatest nations in the world, these two ladies shared the taste for the same brand of wallets and made them, more than an accessory, a symbol of power. THEY WANT, CAN AND USE!

The wallets are accustomed to being allied with power in the feminine. After all, in the 1980s, they even adapted to a lifestyle that was beginning to draw. The shoulder-strap wallets took place at business meetings and became an accessory to Power Dressing.

In fact, women have started to achieve equality with men for many decades and history witnesses the achievements achieved. After closing the corset in the closet, getting the right to work, voting, independence and even wearing pants, women came to the 80s with plenty of territory to explore. In politics and business, the doors were beginning to open, but if we still think carefully about what to wear for a job interview, in order to respect certain codes that society imposes on us, even more so for 30 years. The best solution was to bet on a winning formula: the fact. First, the coats were stolen from the men's closet and trimmed with broad shoulders, for a more aggressive and strong image. Then the skirts gave way to the pants. The name power suit speaks for itself. This look made the woman feel powerful on the inside with what she wore on the outside. Series like Dallas and Dinasty launched trends in clothing, hair and accessories, both inside and outside the United States, and helped pass on an image of power and wealth that characterized an era. From the passerelles came proposals that breathed the air of time, allowing itself to be invaded by the fever of the facts. Giorgio Armani, with his mastery, deconstructed the men's blazer, removed the lining and then the pads and made it a much more comfortable for the man and much more suitable for the woman. After the success of the wardrobe that the Italian creator created for Richard Gere in the film American Gigolo (1980), it was the turn of his womens suits to become authentic objects of desire, in which the lightness of the materials combined with a palette of tones Neutral, enriching the feminine fact with a sensual side.

This takes us back a few years, until the time when Marlene Dietrich wore masculine looks in the 1930s, and brings us back to the present to conclude that today the overall coat and pants or skirt is not only a classic as A safe bet in the wardrobe of a successful woman. It is the brand image of women as powerful as Angela Merkel, Dilma Roussef or Hillary Clinton. In common, they have not only a place in Forbes' list of the 1000 most powerful women but also an important role in their country's policy and internationally. Robb Young's book, Power Dressing: First Ladies, Women Politicians and Fashion, explores the idea that the power of some women today is related to what they wear. Fashion, as an element of communication, politics and even diplomacy, is still not a consensus, but the fact that Sarah Palin made a wardrobe change worth $ 150,000 to be at her best as a candidate for vice - the president of the United States in the campaign for the 2008 US presidential election, leads us to believe that the mentality is changing.

After all, what are the icons of power dressing today? Unlike the 1980s, the secret is no longer in resemblance to the masculine look, but rather in the correct use of the new feminine icons. High heels are key, and if you are one of the creators of the moment, the better. Also the portfolios of fashion brands are instant symbols of success and power (at least economical). Let's also put together an impeccably cut tailleur to fit like a glove on the female body and even a smartphone that allows women to control their entire life from a distance.

The percentage of women in universities is higher than that of men, the Forbes list already shows us a number of women with high positions in international companies with important places in politics and the fact that a woman is applying for a leader of a country already It is not a shock, but an achievement. There are those who say that the world belongs to women, but equality is not a given, and discrepancies around the world show us that there is a long way to go. But as we have seen, fashion can play a key role, and just like a weapon, when used with care and precision, it will definitely hit the mark.

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