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Let's go to the exhibit !
By Alexandrina Kentska | 29 May 2017

How to get dressed to go to the exhibition? The answer to this question is that there is no rule how exactly we should be dressed. Let's ask the question: How do we have to dress to go to an exhibition of Belgian surrealist artist Rene Magritte? - We definitely do not have to look surreal. Does it really matter how we are dressed to go to an exhibition? It definitely matters, especially if you are wife a world leader and he brought you to a meeting of NATO leaders. Then you are expected to have your head instead of an apple on your shoulders, you are also expected to dress appropriately, have a suitable hairstyle, and tolerate the little inconvenience in different situations.

1.Gauthier Destenay and Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel married officially on 15 May 2015 in Luxembourg.Destenay is dressed in a black suit with a gray tie. Men, even in the role of a wife, are favored in this respect, why it is enough to change the tie for dinner, and they already have another look

2.Next to him stands the 35-year-old Moja Stupnik, a good attorney who plays charm and respect in her everyday life. For this Exhibition she is dressed in a very stylish suit of dress and jacket but in baby pink, which definitely makes her an old and looks mildly frivolous

3.Thora Margret Baldvinsdottir is a bit complete, but exceptionally stylish. She has chosen a suitable dress in a dark blue satin that combines with shoes and an envelope in beige. It is good when your hair is released, but if you are your wife's premier and are at an important meeting, you can not afford it.

4.Partner of Belgian Prime Minister Charles, Michel Amelie Derbaudrenghien, I have no words for her, I did not expect this lady to show so much class and style. Fresh for both a walk and a dinner. The white dress, garnished with black edges without extra curls, has a very elegant look. The hair is well arranged. Extremely fresh and very charming.

5.Desislava Radeva, it seems that her husband, the president of Bulgaria, is a general. The photo is standing in peace, stretched to burst - Extremely tense, as if she is not comfortable in Nevena's dress. Bad choice, Mrs. Radeva. The dress is inappropriate in length, too colorful and curls are more. What is in the envelope in her hand, I very much hope to have a comb. Sunglasses? Perhaps someone had to tell her she could not afford it. My advice is the next time I decided, despite the protocol, to have sunglasses to choose something with fine metal frames and not to be black, it is still the first lady, not a member of the mafia.

6.Ingrid Schulerud - an extremely stylish lady who will make 60 years after two years. She has held up high enough for a long time to be aware that she can not have a dress at exhibition and dinner. At the exhibition she allowed herself to be in a black lace dress in combination with a colorful jacket dominated by pink. A very correct solution. Of course, for dinner the dress should be of one color, in this case electric blue in combination with black, definitely shows understanding and class.

7.Queen Matild - as a housewife is dressed extremely stylishly. The hair is fine. Like jewelry she used only simple earrings. The dress may have to be slightly longer, and the flower print is smaller.

8.We've come to Melanie. For the show she put on a stylish suit, a day's soft color, but the skin was not a good decision. Spilled hair in tight suit - no such scenarios. It is a delight for Melanie to be the other first lady who had time to change for dinner and her choice was very good. If you do not know what to wear, the little black dress, in the case of fallen sleeves, is the best solution.

9.Of course, the biggest mystery in the commented group of first ladies is Turkey's first lady Emine Gulbaran Erdogan. The fabrics of her dress are definitely expensive and show wealth and abundance that is specific to the Asian world. I do not think I would be comfortable in such clothes,but the woman obviously has principles of which she keeps and definitely does not excite her protocol or fashion, I hope it was comfortable .

10.And finally First Lady of France Brigitte Macron. What we see here is not good. With such a dress, I would ride a bicycle on the streets of Vienna. At 64 to dress like the 20 is Funny I strongly hope that this intelligent woman will not be complex because of her young man. She really has a beautiful body. But the face shows the advanced age, and this combination is very beautiful and needs to be highlighted correctly.

While everyone was discussing the first ladies, did anyone bother to look at the leaders how many were the same as being removed from the mold. I suppose their image maker was heard over the phone and they all agreed to have red or blue ties. I personally miss the Obama family. Their freshness, their style, their class, and their simplicity brought a lot of freshness to such dry-hearted meetings.

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