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Conservative fashion - Yes. But not for the conservatives.
By Alexandrina Kentska | 15 June 2017

Communicating with the electorate through clothes is a trick that politicians have been practicing for decades. Everyone from Winston Churchill to politicians today uses his clothes to send a message at some point. During the campaign, the importance of what the politician prefers to wear is even greater and the decision to wear what to wear in the morning is important because the electorate is a factor that should not be underestimated. Today - a few days after the election victory In England, the time is right for us to talk about the conservatives. Who are the conservatives? Conservatism is a political and social philosophy that encourages the preservation of traditional social institutions in the context of culture and civilization. Conservatives are constantly striving to preserve institutions, including religion, monarchy, parliamentary governance, property rights and the social hierarchy, emphasizing stability and continuity. There is no set of policies to be considered conservative because the importance of conservatism depends on what is considered to be traditional in a given place and time. In this way, conservatives from different parts of the world - anyone who maintains their respective traditions - may not agree with a wide range of issues. But there is one question to which they share the same opinion and it is that they should look good. Conservative fashion - yes, but not with conservatives. Let's look at the wardrobes of some of them. Start with the emblem of modern conservatives: As Britain's first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher was not only a pioneer in politics but also in fashion. The Iron Lady imposed own style, which she summed up as "not intrusive, just apt." "It is important to feel good in your clothes, to wear comfortable fabrics and to look fit for the occasion. You should always wear a nice sewn suit. Thatcher preferred to buy accessories that are always in vogue - like her black Asprey bag, which has been worn for years. Her favorite color was naturally the color of the conservatives - sapphire blue, and she often wore costumes in this color of important public appearances. In the years, her trademark became it is perfectly tailored hairstyle, its colorful suits, silk shirts, brooches and its precious perls. In the world of politics at that time wholly dominated by men, she dressed so as to accept her seriously without, however, hurting her femininity. In one of her interviews she admits that her dressing was part of her job - "I did represent the country," she says. From England we will fly to Bulgaria, there lives a conservative who is particularly well received by his English colleagues. He is often invited to their events as a special guest. While in politics through him, the English Conservatives actively help Bulgaria. Dimitar Abadjiev - for him as a politician is written a lot, but hardly anyone in Bulgaria has noticed that besides a good politician he is a very stylish and modern man. I would say he is not at all conservative in his clothing. On the contrary Strictly follows fashion trends. He can be spotted in the streets of Sofia in a sophisticated Loro Piana suit by the famous designers Luigi and Sergio Pianna. To go to a piano concert, dressed in Italy's No.1 costume - Kiton. Together with a Brioni costume in his wardrobe there are costumes made for him by the Bulgarian fashion house Agresiya. When talking about ties, it is hardly have a better big fan of Tom Ford. In everyday life, Abadjiev can often be spotted with Levy Strauss jeans and, of course the Oxford white shirt of Dsquarer2, Burberry, or J.Crew, which are particularly practical and suitable for any occasion and season that he successfully combines with everyday jackets William Westmancott and complemented with scarves of different brands and in different colors. Dimitar Abadjiev's styling ends naturally with the shoes of the English brands Horace Batten and Grenson est. But let's go back to England. If a man's wife is declared to be a well-dressed woman, her husband will hardly be dressed conservatively and badly. David Cameron has long been Conservative No. 1 and not just to them. That made him look good at every moment. But he had been dressed for a long time only by Marks & Spencer and Gap, because they did not make him "stand out." He relied entirely on the choice of Samantha. His wife, apparently consulted about the best husband's clothes with the right consultant, because if we look into his wardrobe today we will see that there are some suits sewn in some of Savill Row's fashion houses worth more than 3500 pounds The dark blue shirt he usually wore his sleeves stayed in the past and in his place he dressed in a blue polo shirt Orlebar Brown, which costs over 100 paunds. And I know that he has a lot of custom-made suits, and he made a sharp change in dressing after his conservative outfit was criticized. "For the joy of the image makers, he began to look good and made such a sharp jump in the clothing that he started dressing beige mucasins without socks.The clothes were a mining field for politicians, so Kami had to act very carefully the field of fashion so far. From the start of his post as prime minister until his resignation, he was with various shoes on various occasions from Clark on the farm to rubber boots in a flood over super modern at Prince William's wedding, but he remained a big fan of Chelsea boots. I'm continuing with one of the most commented people these days - Theresa May. To vote she chose a white jacket on the Italian label Paserico with thin fleet trousers and a pair of her favorite Russell and Bromley leopard . For the past year, she has maintained her style by relying on British designers Roland Murray, Vivian Westwood and Amanda Wackley, who have long since stepped onto the world stage, but also supported the young British brands like Russell and Bromley and LK Bannett. She wears super extravagant well-tailored costumes that combine with courageous adornments and accessories. We can say that she continues to hold the high bar of the stylish and well-dressed conservatives. This is the next one we'll talk about - Geoffrey Van Orden. Have you ever met someone to say "I do not know anyone who is in absolute unison for styling and expression." Geoffrey is one of these people. He has the expression of an aristocrat, who is skillfully complemented by his dressing. He has long understood how important it is to look good and for years he never lets himself look casually or negligently He is definitely a client of the fashion houses from Anderson and Shepard to Henry Huntsman who are on Saville Row. Shirts are extremely stylish in soft and downy colors, always well combined with neckties. The little handkerchief in his jacket pocket is removed enough to be seen. This shows security. It is usually blue on points that he most likely wants to show his belonging to the Conservatives. He has no fears of being different and a bit more colorful because the colors are usually well matched, and at his age it gives him a fresh and youthful look. If anyone expected conservatives to let them look like suhari, then there is a very wrong understanding of people following this philosophy

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