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#CitiesFeature Barcelona in Spain
Famed for its architectural treasures, Barcelona is dotted with striking Gothic cathedrals, fantastical Modernisme creations and avant-garde works.

Building first boomed in the late Middle Ages, when Barcelona was seat of the Aragonese-Catalan empire. In the late 19th century, the city broke its medieval confines and was transformed through whimsical architectural movement called Modernisme (Catalan Art Nouveau). The third notable ...
#CitiesFeature Edinburgh in Scotland
Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland, with its spectacular collection of medieval and classic architecture, including numerous stone decorations. This is the reason for people calling it the liveliest city of Europe.

It is not only beautiful because of its architecture but also because of its fantastic position. The view falls on all sides- green hills, the hint of ...
#CitiesFeature Palermo in Italy
Palermo is the regional capital of Sicily and the fifth largest city in Italy by population. On the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea, it is located between Monte Pellegrino and the bay of Conca d’Oro, in the western part of Sicily.

City of a thousand faces, loud but elegant, eclectic and never dull, Palermo with its architectural beauty, its ...
#CitiesFeature Utrecht in the Netherlands
Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, largely famous for its university. The wharf system and its canals make this city unique, having tamed the Rhine River which now lazily flows along, allowing for the opportunity to sit down, have a glass of hot chocolate, and absorb the cozy views.⁠

Photos credit: Bodiek Reith
#CitiesFeature Porto in Portugal
Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, located next to the mouth of the Douro River in the north of the country. It has 15 freguesias, equivalent to neighborhoods or parishes, and is known for its churches, trams and wine of the same name, since it houses several wineries on the banks of the Douro River.

It is a ...