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901 Silver Tequila by Justin Timberlake

15 November 2010

Justin Timberlake has always had a passion for tequila, whether on-stage, backstage, or off-stage. Not feeling satisfied in his search to find the finest and smoothest tequila, Justin decided to create his own. He chose the Tequilera Newton distillery in Jalisco, Mexico to help him create the juice that would eventually become 901 Tequila.

It takes great ingredients and craftsmanship to make a great tequila, but it also takes a great recipe. The recipe for 901 Tequila took more than three generations to finally come to life. The original recipe was crafted by Don Enrique over 60 years ago. He handed it down to his son, Don Frederico, who perfected it, and then passed it down to his sons Federico and Carlos, who modernized it into the tequila that is 901 Silver.

About 901 Tequila
In order to achieve a smoothness necessary to enjoy Tequila neat or on the rocks, 901 Tequila is triple distilled using only 100% Blue Weber Agave, water, and a proprietary yeast that helps give 901 Silver its unique flavor.

The high altitude and sandy, volcanic soil of the Jalisco Highlands is where the Blue Weber Agave plants used in 901 Tequila are grown. The blue agave is cultivated and then harvested between its eight and tenth year. Then the heart of the plant is removed and cooked in ovens until it is soft and ready to be crushed, which allows us to extract the juice from the plant.

The juice from the Blue Weber Agave is then placed in fermentation tanks and combined with our proprietary yeast formulation. The yeast acts on the sugars of the roasted agave juice, turning it into alcohol.

Once properly fermented, the juice is triple-distilled to remove any impurities. During each round of distillation, impurities are removed from the liquid, leaving only the purest part - the heart of the agave plant. You'll notice this difference in the aroma of 901 Tequila, but you'll mostly notice it in the extremely smooth taste that ensures every sip of 901 Silver Tequila is beyond compare.

Tequila is Liberty
Announcing its first national multi-media advertising campaign today entitled "Tequila Is Liberty," with the first execution called "Improved by Use," followed by "Let Them Eat Cake," and "Risk and Peril." The campaign is driven by the desire for the uncommon user experience, the urge to be exceptional, and the attitude of feeling Tequila Is in fact Liberty. The campaign features a TV platform, digital, print, viral and strong promotional support.

"Improved By Use"
The 901 Silver Tequila "Improved by Use" commercial singles out one man among a crowd of followers. Surrounded by the ordinary, his presence symbolizes superior quality and the desire to strive higher, in essence creating a moment to arrive at extraordinary with 901 Silver Tequila. For this exclusive group of friends, 901 Silver Tequila is liberty fueled by aspiration to be in the game and satisfies their appetite to get the most out of life.

"Let Them Eat Cake"
"Let Them Eat Cake" features a self-assured, beautiful, poised woman who commands viewers' attention. She is powerful, controlled and a spoken visionary who knows how to get what she wants. For her, 901 Silver Tequila liberates her inner desire with a coolness that dominates but is not domineering.

"Risk and Peril"
"Risk and Peril" dares its viewers to act upon ambition. 901 Silver Tequila unshackles a striking and intense woman from the confines of typical gender roles. She takes destiny and control into her own hands feeling at liberty to make others writhe in submission to achieve her dreams.  

In this campaign, 901 Silver Tequila is the drink of choice. Ever the revolutionary spirit, 901 Silver Tequila inspires and compels its users to elevate themselves from their everyday norm. It is deliberately mysterious and sensational to heighten audience intrigue, utilizing excerpts from the pages of history's greatest stories. Each ad is an epic monologue creating experiential filmic dispatches that immediately pique interest, heighten the senses and arouse any manner of passions, both intellectual and emotional.  The 901 Silver Tequila print ads will seamlessly thread the campaign's themes blending current fashion imagery with cultural and style references, helping to portray these metaphors.

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