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Bringing Fashion to 3D Eyewear

Norwegian Twins and SENATUS members Kine and Einy Paulsen bring fashion into 3D eyewear with Ingri:Dahl.

"Why do 3D glasses have to be so ugly?"

They don’t! When Norweigan twins Kine and Einy Paulsen saw their first 3D movie, they found their entire experience diminished by the unattractive, flimsy 3D glasses blocking their faces. Kine and Einy dreamed of creating stylish 3D glasses that would allow movie-goers to express their individuality and remain fashionable, even in a darkened movie theater.

Their dream has become a reality; the duo has launched Ingri:Dahl with the debut of the "James" 3D glasses, a style inspired by classic Hollywood.

Ingri:Dahl is named for two of Kine and Einy's childhood heroes, actress Ingrid Bergmann and author Roald Dahl. Fittingly, the effect of 3D technology is created by the merging of twin pictures, just as these twins have merged their talents to create fashionable 3D glasses.

"Why would I buy a pair of 3D glasses when I can just get them for free from the theater?"

Ingri:Dahl designer 3D glasses are not only superior in style, but in materials, construction and viewing quality as well. Furthermore, owning a personal pair of Ingri:Dahl 3D glasses allows the customer to avoid harmful bacteria that is spread through repeated use of the glasses provided by the theater.

"Are they compatible with all 3D theaters?"

Ingri:Dahl glasses are compatible with all RealD theaters. RealD recently announced that there are over 15,000 theaters compatible for showing RealD technology worldwide.

SENATUS members Kine and Einy Paulsen bring fashion into 3D eyewear

"Are they compatible with 3DTVs?"

Ingri:Dahl glasses works with passive 3D technology, which is the technology used in the newest 3D TVs by; LG, Vizio, Toshiba and JVC.

Passive 3D is expected by many to emerge as the prominent 3D technology. According to studies done by LG this is the preferred form of 3D three to one in relation to active shutter.

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