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Chrome Hearts x Bella - Jewellery Collaboration is Breakout Model's First

29 October 2017

By Melissa Koh

Chrome Hearts earlier this summer released the campaign for its collaboration with Bella Hadid, with the sexiest photos we've ever seen of the supermodel so far.

She flaunts her bare chest in a tiny chain bra — our favorite shot of Bella by far with her doffing a red leather newsboy cap, a signature accessory featured in her collection.

On the partnership with the family behind Chrome Hearts: Richard & Laurie Lynn and well as their daughter, Jesse Jo, Bella adds, "If my family weren't my family, I would probably be a Stark. They're like the other half of me!"

"Being able to work with people so close to me means that more ideas can come up naturally and things can flow more fluently between us. I’m not afraid to say something and neither are they."

Pieces include jewelry, handbag, footwear and ready-to-wear range as well as a leopard print coat with leather bondage straps on top which Bella described as, "... one of my favorite pieces. We all worked at putting the different elements together and it’s something we’d all wear."

"A lot of these are inspired by old school '90s Chrome Hearts archive pieces. I just added a new twist to make them a little more modern."

Other highlights in the collection include logo sweatshirts, which proved as popular with men as with women, so Hadid and the Starks are now thinking of creating them in larger sizes, and pleated miniskirts.

"The skirts give an ode to the Nineties. It's the iconic Chrome Hearts aesthetic that we love, we just made it a little bit more modern. Most of the pieces are about a twist on the brand’s signatures and how iconic it is," added Hadid.

Chrome Hearts is set to reveal more from the collection as it launches in different boutiques around the world, with Jesse Jo emphasising that this would not be a one-off project.

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