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Here Kitty Kitty, a Japanese Speakeasy inspired by 1950s Shinjuku Nightlife, Opens in Singapore

19 September 2021

By Natalie White

Meander through the shanties to unfold the story behind this eclectic speakeasy respite in Singapore.

Be transported to the flourishing nightlife alley of 1950s Shinjuku where the Golden Gai once was. The ultra luxurious experience at Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den strips away the illustrious history of illicit courtesanship, while retaining the vivacious energy and culturally rich architecture of narrow shanties and conflicting wall papers.

Discretely titled Here Kitty Kitty and tucked away from the center of Clarke Quay, this cocktail-driven space houses a distinctive bar, three concept rooms including the Cathouse, Mamasan Lounge and the Shibari Room as well as a private bar and lounge. Here Kitty Kitty will be able to seat up to 75 with the private lounges and rooms available for bookings.

Here, indulge in intimate conversations and relish in an array of signature maki rolls and izakaya bites that will take you back to Japan with every mouthful. Some signature dishes that are a must-try are the Wagyu Sando ($58++), a premium Japanese sandwich filled with Wagyu Beef, Caviar, Uni and Caramelized Onions, the Here Kitty Kitty Signature Maki ($28++) a sushi roll made with Soft-shell Crab, Tobiko and Mixed Salad topped with Bonito Flakes and the Negitoro Tataki ($30++), a seared Toro dish topped with Caviar, Kinome Leaf, Shio Kombu, Spring Onions and Crispy Sushi Rice. For easy-to-eat bite-sized snacks, there’s the Kawa Ebi ($16++), a deep-fried River Shrimp snack that takes bar bites to the next level, and for the adventurous, the Fugu & Ehire Shioyaki ($16++), a salt-grilled dish with Dried Pufferfish and Stingray Fin served with Spicy Mayo.

Delicious bar food aside, it is the unique cocktails that are the true star of Here Kitty Kitty. Staying true to its Japanese inspirations, many of the speakeasy’s intoxicating concoctions are made with Japanese spirits — and taste just as good as they look.

Serving up libations at Here Kitty Kitty is acclaimed Head Mixologist Alastair Tan. Handpicked by Cherry Heering to be featured as one of the bar personalities from around the world in the Difford’s Guide (2015), Tan comes with eight years of skills and experienced picked up from renowned bar veterans all over Singa-pore. Tan’s personal style of bartending involves a good mix of classic Ginza cocktail techniques with a blend of lo-cal and European-style hospitality. Strike up a conver-sation and let him introduce you to the true essence of Here Kitty Kitty. Make merry over a selection of signature cocktails unique to the speakeasy such as the Here Kitty Kitty Highball ($22++) a classic cocktail consisting of Kaku-bin Whiskey, Chita Whiskey, Lemon and Soda, or the Haku-Hai ($24++), whose verdant hues and earthy fla-vours of Matcha, Haku Vodka, Calpis and Lemon add a toasty flavour.

Other key highlights are the Here Kitty Kitty Martini ($24++), a special concoction of Roku Gin, Nori, Vermouth, Orange Bitters and Umibudo, the Ume Whiskey Sour ($24++), a drink made with Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Ume, Apricot and Egg White that packs a surprising punch, and the Golden Hour ($22++), a Clarified Milk cocktail consisting of Havana Club 3 Rum, Hōjicha, Vermouth and Lemon.

Here Kitty Kitty’s operating hours are from Tuesdays to Sundays from 6pm – 10.30pm, at 3E River Valley Road, The Cannery, #02-01/02, Singapore, 179024.

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