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NEW Miss Dior Prestige Edition First Launched in 1947 Adds a Dash of Couture

29 March 2017

By Tricia Oliveira

Dior creations from perfumes or dresses, have always possessed floral codes.

With that in mind, a NEW prestige edition of the iconic Miss Dior fragrance sees an exclusive run of 47 pieces only, to celebrate its first launch in 1947.

This is marked by a spectacular bow, embroidered with all the skill of the Dior ateliers.

Created by the Dior Haute Couture ateliers, the bow reveals a lily of the valley and mimosa motif, blooming with beautiful profusion and new modernity. Pink, black, and cream adorn the double-faced Satin Cuir cream coloured ribbon, hand-sewn one at a time. Luxuriously finished, each miniscule element forms a graphic and dense interlaced entity, as though it had taken on a life of its own.

The embroidery of a single bow required an entire day in the atelier, with more than 6 hours of painstaking work.

Hundreds of round shiny lacquered beads in two di erent sizes were used, along with hundreds of other Poux Jais micro tubes arranged to look like pebble weave.

To contrast with these dark beads, Etincelles Vieux Rose sequins and miniscule (3 mm) Porcelaine Rosée sequins lie alongside Rose Antique lochrose beads as well as Roseline mother of pearl beads.

Once the embroidery has been applied using a dual, hook and needle technique, the next step, of mounting the ribbon, is also extremely complex.

Highly primed, (its thickness, in fact, was what enabled the spectacular volume of the New Look dresses), the Satin Cuir ribbon requires precise and patient manipulation when tying the bow.

The result is spectacularly beautiful and modern: a tender and expressive profusion of contrasting colours and shine in subtle hues.

This graphic evocation of Dior's floral codes is a living bouquet that plays on the idea of aesthetic abstraction, while celebrating the spirited and audacious personality of Miss Dior.

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming, prestige edition
Available in 47 unique, numbered pieces, Miss Dior prestige edition is available exclusively at a selection of international sales point.

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