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"Un Rendez Vous" with Jude Law for Dior Homme

Jude Law plays a suit-wearing, vintage automobile-driving character in 'Un Rendez Vous', the first of Guy Ritchie's three short films for a new campaign for Dior Homme men's fragrance.

'Un Rendez Vous' has a storyline that has Jude Law involved in what seems to be some sort of epic sex game that he is playing with an attractive, sexy-voiced lady friend. Jude's character is inquisitive, anxious and yearns to meet the woman on the other end of the line.

There's going to be two of us. Me and Naughty Me!" she declares.

The interchange goes on, with Jude imagining his impending meet - you can literally cut the sexual tension with a knife. With telephone in hand, he is already thinking of how she is putting together his outfit for him, choosing his cufflinks, adjusting the knot on his necktie, tying his shoelaces, while he buttons up his pants... All this a slow buildup, an imaginary foreplay in Jude's mind before the actual meetup.

How will I recognize you?" she asks.

Well, the answer is simple and clever! 

Oh don't you worry about that," Jude replies.

With a spray or two of Dior Homme men's fragrance over his body, the answer to the question jumps out at the audience.

Kudos to Guy Ritchie for working the perfume into the storyline.

And in case you're wondering, the soundtrack is "Exogenesis Symphony Part 1" from Muse, which sets the perfect haunting tune.

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