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Wedding News Last Minute
By Alexandrina Kentska | 20 May 2017

Hello and welcome from Pipa's wedding.

Beautiful Pipa Middleton walked into St. Mark's Church in Enfield, Berkshire, into the stunning wedding gown "Giles Deacon." Does it look impressive?

The designer of the dress is no surprise; Giles often visited Pipi at her home with large bags, creating speculation that he was her choice.

The British designer said, "I was excited to work with Pippa on her wedding dress. This dress is made with a sleeveless head and a cuff with a prickly elegance with a draped front and heart-shaped detail on the back." Silk Cotton Lace Dress Created an illusion that the dress does not have "stitches." The lace element is embroidered with a pearl, detailed on the organza and a tulle that has a layer on a haircut layer Showcase the skill my team produces in London and a true testimony to Pipa's support For the British m Oh yeah. "

Pippa has a veil made by Milan Steven Jones, made of fine tulle decorated with embroidered pearls.

It also carries the Tiara "Maidenhair Fern", hand-made by Robinson Pellam.

Her shoes are Manolo Blahnik pumps, in satin ivory with a pearl detail.

The bouquet is lavender green and includes sweet peas, Astilbe, freesia, wax, green bell and Alchemilla Molis.

Kate is in peach flavor Alexander McQueen. Cambridge's daughter today is Pippa's Mother of Honor (what did I tell you all?) And she had the task of taking care of bridesmaids and boys on the page - just like Pippi did on her own wedding six years ago. Little George and Charlotte served as a boy and a bridesmaid today. Kate recently mentioned that she hopes they will behave, but you never know of that age.

William and Hari are also in teams from Pepa & Co.

The church bells are already ringing - Pippa and James are married! 🍾

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