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DUBAI Candylicious, the largest candy store in the world has opened its doors at the prestigious Dubai Mall, the most extraordinary shopping destination in the Middle East.

"At Candylicious, our mission is simple; eat happy."

Candylicious is a concept representing fantasy, joy and irreplaceable childhood memories. It combines candy and the world of imagination into a hip and fashion forward candy store. Explore the colourful world of Candylicious with its visually mesmerizing pillars embedded with candy, a canopy of a lollipop tree covered with dangling lollipop favourites and the Candylicious Airplane “taking off” above your heads.

Just about anything you are craving for can be found in the aisles of this 10,000 square feet whimsical store.

Here you will find yourself surrounded with an extensive range of candy and chocolates that has never been seen in Dubai; Madelaine Chocolates, Rock Candy from Squire Boone Village, tiny delights (handmade candy) from Miss Sweetie, and Ribbles and Fabrols from Gina Michaels. Other familiar brands such as Hershey’s Kisses and chocolate bars, novelty M&M’s, every flavour of Jelly Belly, lollipops in all shapes and sizes flourishing from floor to ceiling are just some of the tempting treats that await you when you enter the store.

"We are absolutely thrilled to be the largest candy store in the world. Our goal was to create an entire confectionary experience for the customer. Candylicious is about buying things you’ve never seen anywhere else and you can indulge in a royal offering of mouth watering confections from all over the globe."

A private line of gourmet chocolates from Vosges Haut-Chocolat will be on hand to spoil you silly and the popping sounds of the luxurious Garrett Popcorn will greet you as you explore the store. The aroma of freshly baked and buttery brownies from Hot Blondies Bakery fill the air, while a soda fountain offering old-time soda fountain pops including ‘Rock It Root Beer’ and ‘Vanilla Vibes’ quenches the thirst of excited shoppers.

A huge chocolate tree embedded with colorful lollipops stands 10 meters wide in the center of the store and songs like ‘Sugar, Sugar’ blare through the sound system.

Candylicious will also home the largest ‘Pick and Mix’ wall in the world!
Filled with the most awesome gummy bears, gummy worms, peach rings, cola bottles and jelly beans, you will find yourself bedazzled with the selection. Mesmerizing swirly colours of Jawbreakers will not be missed with the likes of tasty Psychedelic and Bizzare. To entice you further, chocolate covered goodies (milk, white and dark) will also be in the ‘Pick and Mix’ wall with all types and sizes of chocolates you can ever imagine. So grab a bag and head towards the ‘Pick and Mix’ wall and begin your adventure creating your favourite ‘Pick and Mix’ bag for you and your friends.   

"At Candylicious, we take the time to remind people how simple pleasures are always the best and the best simple pleasure in life is candy!"
Sunaina Gill, Director of Retail Is Detail L.L.C., pioneer of the Candylicious concept.

To spread Candylicious’s joy and happiness even more, look out for the Candylicious Junior (Candylicious Car) that will be circling the Dubai Mall. Filled with a condensed collection of Candylicious’s candy and chocolates from the main store, Candylicious Junior makes it easier for you to discover your Candylicious favourites even before you enter the store.

The Dubai Mall is the Middle East’s premiere shopping, lifestyle and entertainment destination, offering the ultimate shopping experience. With an internal floor area of 5.9 million square feet and a net leasable area of 3.77 million square feet, the Dubai Mall will boast 1,200 different retail concepts. Referred to as the Fashion Capital of the Middle East, the Dubai Mall project offers world class shopping, dining and entertainment. The Mall is located next to the world’s tallest Tower, Burj Dubai which will house the Armani Hotel, setting new standards of luxury in the region without question, the ultimate lifestyle experience.

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