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Genaissance de la Mer Introduces 2 New Skin Saviours

6 September 2017

By Tricia Oliveira

The Origin of Genaissance de la Mer

Extraordinarily pure, the Crystal Miracle Broth was discovered several years ago by a scientist in Max Huber Research Labs in New York, who discovered perfect crystals forming in a beaker of Miracle Broth - the essential ingredient in La Mer's mainstay skincare products.

To re-create this phenomenon, the advanced broth - purest concentration of Miracle Broth - is slow-crafted in extremely small batches to reach its ultimate potency, to infuse the skin with the life-generating energies of the sea, with the nutrient-rich sea kelp as key ingredient.

In addition, a Genaissance Ferment is built around a rare Pom Pom Red Algae that is naturally found in the shallow waters around Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea. A sustainable form of this algae is then intensively cultivated in a bioreactor that accelerates its growth rate and produces a high quality and purer form of the Pom Pom Red Algae than found in the wild.

This algae is then combined with wavelengths of natural light and refined gold to create a highly active ferment that helps boost natural collagen and elastin, in turn helping significantly firm and lift the look of skin.

Together, these three processes are the building blocks of La Mer's ultra premium offering, the Genaissance de la Mer, first launched with a Serum Essence last year.

Now, two unexpected additions to the collection: The Eye and Expression Cream and The Infused Lotion, represent the next incarnation of accelerated renewal.

The NEW Genaissance de la Mer Eye and Expression Cream

The powerhouse efficacy is now delivered to the most expressive areas of the face — the eyes and the expression areas, including around the mouth.

The comforting melting cream texture of The Eye and Expression Cream rejuvenates, repairs, and recharges the look of this especially fragile skin.

In just moments after applying, the genesis begins. Immediately, puffiness around the eyes appears reduced.
And in two weeks, fine lines, and other signs of stress, fatigue and daily life start to gently fade from the eye area. Expression lines are also plumped and volumized, the skin looks more lifted, and lines appear reduced.

A specially designed massage tool, inspired by the shape and touch of sea stones washed ashore, when used to massage across the eyes and expression lines, cools and elevates the Genaissance experience.

An Additional Ferment Inside: The Filler Ferment
The Filler Ferment features a complex with algae from Brittany, France, found in the riptides of the Atlantic. Combined with hyaluronic acid polysaccharides, it helps plump from the inside, and bind water to skin from the outside in to rehydrate, restructure and repair the look of skin.

The NEW Genaissance de la Mer Infused Lotion

La Mer reimagined the watery lotion by inventing a potent nourishing supplement for the skin. Created through a collision of two unexpected forms — Crystal Miracle Broth and emollients — the result is an oil-in-water lotion formula, where "the cream" really rises to the top.

When freshly blended, these two facets become a unique, cream-infused water that floats over skin and infuses it with intense moisture to help lay the perfect foundation for the benefits of The Serum Essence that follows.

Moments after application, the skin recaptures its healthy, vital look. Use daily and the skin barrier is strengthened, and skin looks firmer. The skin will also feel undeniably smooth and silky. Over time, lines appear diminished.

An Additional Ferment Inside: The ProBio Ferment
A first for La Mer, this highly active ferment is designed to help skin maintain an optimal balance and help enhance skin's natural strength and well-being. Skin emerges looking healthy, nourished, with better resilience and ability to protect itself.

Inspired by the warm color of Crystal Miracle Broth, both Genaissance de la Mer Eye and Expression Cream and Genaissance de la Mer Infused Lotion are housed in sensuous champagne-gold glass vessels. 

The Genaissance de la Mer The Eye and Expression Cream (15ml) retails at S$600, Genaissance de la Mer The Infused Lotion (150ml) at S$400 and are both available in Singapore now at:

Tangs Orchard
310 & 320 Orchard Road, C.K. Tang Ltd, Singapore 238864
(65) 6733 7269

SEVIIN at Tangs
310 & 320 Orchard Road, Level 7, C.K. Tang Ltd, Singapore 238864
(65) 6735 6762

391 Orchard Road, Level 1, Cosmetic Department, Singapore 238873
(65) 6737 4107

Robinsons The Heeren
260 Orchard Road, Singapore 238855
(65) 6836 5471

Metro Paragon
290 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859
(65) 6734 5695

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