Le Jeroboam by LOUIS XIII

30 June 2011

Louis XIII salutes the events of the Twentieth Century with a ‘monumental’ decanter.

It is expected that great events should be celebrated with grand gestures, where the elements of celebration – the buildings, the crowds, the performances, the feasts – are raised to a size that exceeds all normal expectations.

It is with this in mind that Louis XIII is now presented in a monumental decanter LE JEROBOAM

The form of the decanter is the one that the world has known for one hundred years and more. But now that famous silhouette is re-born on a scale as great as the reputation that Louis XIII forgedfor itself over the course of the Twentieth Century.

LE JEROBOAM is four times the capacity of the regular Louis XIII. Each decanter is individually fashioned by a team of nine crystal crafts-men, among the most qualified – at Cristallerie de Sèvres. 

Five kilos of crystal in fusion are gathered, blown and shaped. The complexity in the making allows no compromise.

Each decanter is then individually numbered. 

Masterpiece of the Louis XIII collection, LE JEROBOAM will only be released in very limited quantities each year, and reserved to a few privileged aficionados.

As it was in the past century, so it continues today, as Louis XIII confirms its status among the luxury icons of a brand-new century.

Let the Ritual Commence
But there is more here than sheer quantity. The size of the decanter invites a ritual of tasting that draws the consumer into the very creation of Louis XIII.

LE JEROBOAM must be approached as each cellar master has approached it, across one hundred years of blending and ageing. The decanter comes protected in a wooden case and, like the precious casks in the cellar, is spared all unnecessary disturbance. Just as the cellar master at the cask, the spirit is drawn out with a pipette that samples the precious contents with just the lightest touch.

The pipette is a tool traditionally and exclusively used by the Cellar Master and passed on from generation to generation. Four special crystal glasses - designed by creator Christophe Pillet - also accompany the decanter to share this outstanding cognac.

When tasted, the eye will be striken by the splendour of richly complex tones of gold and glints of flaming red. Then, the nose will savour in turn each wave of exquisite sensation – first that monumental intensity, then delicate floral notes, then a majestic closing chord of rich spice.

In the mouth, more than one thousand two hundred aged eaux-de-vie in the blend display an extraordinary finesse and opulence. A dense celebration of jasmine mingling with passion fruit, ginger and muscade. Flavours of everlasting flowers and iris that play with fig and prune, which in turn evolve to sandalwood and honey. Sheer complexity of a truly remarkable composition, which will persist more than an hour on the palate.

And as you do, so the ceremonial nature of the ritual carries your thoughts outwards to Louis XIII, its own history, and the events that this extraordinary Cognac has served to celebrate, and will continue to celebrate in times to come.

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