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Montblanc Secret Adornment Offers Hidden Tattoo Artwork & Craftsmanship

17 July 2016

By Scott Campbell

With Secret Adornment, Montblanc is offering a new form of personalisation that uses the inner part of a Sfumato leather briefcase flap as a canvas for artistic expression through contemporary tattoo artwork.

On the outside, the blue briefcase exudes classic elegance through the patina of the Sfumato leather, but on the inside hidden from sight, is a contemporary art that the owner can carry as a precious daily companion.

Only visible on the inner part of Montblanc briefcases, the Secret Adornment reveals the finest tattoo craftsmanship using extravagant yet refined artistry to create a very personal and intimate experience for its owner.

Limited to just 30 pieces, every briefcase will feature the initials of the owner integrated into the hand-tattooed design.

Tattoos have been etched onto skin with ink since the beginning of time," explains Montblanc Creative Director Zaim Kamal.

"With its heritage in the culture of writing it is no surprise that Montblanc chose the Art of Tattoo as the first precious handcraft to be staged inside its briefcases. Originally used in ancient times as amulets or talismans, tattoos have become the ultimate form of artistic self-expression While initiated millenniums ago, these elaborate works of art have never lost their appeal nor their relevance through the centuries, and resonate more than ever as a perfect blend of modernism, tradition and artistry."

For this special edition, Montblanc renewed its collaboration with one of the most talented tattoo artists of his generation, Mo Coppoletta.

The Italian artist based in London, is also one of the very few to master the delicate art of tattooing on leather as it easily stains, cuts, bruises. Therefore every stroke of the tattoo machine needs to be decisive yet delicate at the same time.

Mo Coppoletta individually hand-etched every leather piece using genuine Montblanc ink.

"Some of the tattoo artistry of this collection requires more than two days of tattoo work, to be completed with the highest finishes standards," explains Mo Coppoletta.

The use of Montblanc ink makes the quality of the work even more spectacular, as such a precious liquid is rarely used to perform tattoo artistry."

Three different Secret Adornment creations have been hand tattooed by the artist, all inspired by Montblanc's 110th year heritage.

The first motif features an undulating serpent evoking the original design of a serpent clip on the Montblanc "Rouge et Noir" writing instrument, the Maison's first fountain pen series, which was the inspiration behind this year's Heritage Rouge&Noir Collection. The sensual serpent was a recurring motif in art and design during the Art Nouveau period.

In the second masterpiece, a magnificent hot air balloon takes centre stage as a tribute to the pioneering spirit of Montblanc's founders. It was after travelling across oceans and continents, where they witnessed many awe-inspiring innovations that the Maison’s founders were inspired to reimagine the art of writing and introduce new writing instruments to the world.

The third and most elaborate artwork, the ultimate in personalisation, depicts the world map, a reference to the Maison's appeal and presence in more than 120 countries.

The Montblanc Secret Adornment – Tattoo edition briefcases made their debut on 14 June at the Montblanc boutique in Florence during the Pitti Uomo Fair. 

The serpent creation will exclusively be available through the Montblanc Boutique in Florence, the home city of the Maison's leather Manufacture, as well as on the selected e-commerce platforms.

The two other creations will be available through selected e-commerce platforms and exclusive partners.

Each Secret Adornment – Tattoo edition briefcase can be ordered on demand based on a delivery time of 3 months. For further information, visit

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