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Oba-Mao! Obama Mania hits China

U.S. President Barack Obama is scheduled to arrive in Beijing, China on Sunday, November 15.

"Chairman Oba Mao" Memorabilia
Unique memorabilia of Obama, dubbed "Chairman Oba Mao" had been selling like hotcakes until Chinese authorities stopped the sales of the products.

While the culture of mocking celebrities and politicians is not yet widely embraced in China, the possible embarrassment brought to the president of the United States by having his image on T-shirts dressed in the uniform of China’s infamous Red Guards, who caused mayhem during the Cultural Revolution, was too much of a ticking bomb for local officials.

"Burning Man Obama"
In anticipation of the event, Chinese artist Liu Bolin constructed and then set alight his eerily evocative "Burning Man Obama" sculpture which he claims represents Obama's worldwide influence.

Showing his admiration, Liu Bolin said, "Obama is a very interesting and perspective leader. He is so hot now that I decided to impress this in "Burning Man Obama" work. Yes, setting something on fire can have negative connotations, but this piece represents energy and life that Obama has given to the world. We're eager to see what he can do for China and U.S. relations."

Made of bronze and modeled after an Obama Time Magazine "Man of the Year" cover, the statue is peppered with tiny holes for gas flames which engulf the statue.

Source: MSN

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