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Theatre of Love by THOMAS SABO

21 August 2009

The theatre has always inspired our imagination and desires. In the second half of the year, the new Sterling Silver Collection by THOMAS SABO is dedicated to the artful interaction of the ages and juxtaposes these with the modern.

A dark, secretive stage is accompanied by accents of light and emotion, creating a scenery full of poetry and imagination. Whether man or woman, with Boho, stage look, street style, retro or classics – anybody can become a lead actor in their very own, personal “Theatre of Love”.

Black Raven
THOMAS SABO presents itself from its mystical-poetic side. Jewels like out of a poem by Edgar Allan Poe – this is the essence of the “Rebel at Heart” line autumn/winter 2009. To mark the 200th birthday of the famous American writer, the symbolism of the raven takes on a consciously theatrical air.

The raven is probably the most intelligent of all birds and has always been surrounded by a certain mysteriousness. The Tower of London is constantly home to six black ravens, and legend has it that the monarchy will fall if the ravens ever leave the Tower. With a jewellery piece in the shape of a gate, THOMAS SABO opens the door to a world with the majestic raven and many more royal insignia such as the orb and the fleur-de-lis.

THOMAS SABO presents this synthesis of mysticism, legend and drama in collaboration with avant-garde design. The new series exudes a poet- and dandy-like fascination both for men and women.

As the key piece, the raven is crafted from blackened 925 Sterling silver and is adorned with black zirconia. One version portrays the raven resting on a base of rock crystal. The regal orb is bedecked all around with black zirconia and can be opened. The line is rounded off with the pendant with wing doors made from 925 Sterling silver, also adorned with zirconia. New to the line is an exquisite unisex jeans chain made from solid 925 Sterling silver with a clasp for attaching to jeans. The other end of the chain can be used for attaching keys, pocket watches or wallets.

Disco Dog
Dance floor highlights with a bite.

With a successful blend of high-glam à la Studio 54 and a certain street coolness, THOMAS SABO ensures that your personal outfit becomes truly “groovy”. Here, the Disco Dog – a French Bulldog – is the fashionably-cool companion sure to make you strut your stuff. Glittering record players, music cassettes and disco balls create a highly-modern stage look and mark a shimmering comeback of the age of dance.

The Disco Dog is a stylised French Bulldog and is crafted from solid 925 Sterling silver with a black-enamelled coat. The bone, the disco ball and the record player turntable are lusciously covered in zirconia pavé.

Autumn Impressions
Transient beauty.

The Autumn as the climax of constant change. THOMAS SABO presents a modern, fashionable interpretation of this breath of nostalgia and melancholy. Floral shapes with a discreet play of colours draw on the spirit of autumn. The coffee-coloured leaf arrangements represent a sophisticated and eye-catching understatement.

Autumnal glory in pure 925 Sterling silver and coffee-coloured zirconia. The leaves are partly adorned with zirconia, movable and darkened to re-create an organic branch structure.

Magie Noire
The sheer diversity of black.

This range of THOMAS SABO jewellery is dominated by dazzling checkerboard-cut onyx. The dark stone is broken down into nuanced hues of black that create a fascinating shimmer effect, further enhancing the glam factor of this series of jewels.

Large checkerboard-cut onyx is used here. They are set in 925 Sterling silver and ornamentally-backed.

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