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BVLGARI Celebrates the Serpent in Rome

21 March 2016
Start: 03 Mar 2016
End: 10 Apr 2016

Location: Palazzo Braschi
Address: Piazza di S. Pantaleo, 10, Roma, Italy

By Natalie White

The snake, one of BVLGARI's icons, is the theme of new exhibition that the brand opened to the public in Rome on 3 March.

The Palazzo Braschi plays host to the exhibit dedicated to the various creative forms which the snake has assumed in the art, jewelry and design worlds.

The exhibit entitled "Serpenti Form," is promoted by the Capitoline Cultural Heritage Department, curated by Lucia Boscaini, Bulgari Heritage Curator and the Brand Heritage of the Maison.

Emblem of seduction, rebirth and transformation, the snake symbol is intertwined through centuries of human history, ever present from the East to the West.

Since antiquity, the capability of the animal to renew changing its skin, to remain in contact with the earth and in the meantime to rise from it, coiling sinuously or defeating threating predators, fostered myths and legends inspiring the artistic production in several fields.

The exhibition itinerary will be structured through the antique jewelry, from Pompeii, to the Archeological Museum of Naples, from the "Serpenti creations" by The Bulgari Historical Archive to the Contemporary works of Art, from photography and artistic illustrations to vintage clothes, from acting and filming clothing to design objects.

Coinciding with the exhibition is the release of a new tome "Serpent in Art" that illustrates how 32 international artists used the snake as a motif in their work from the end of the 19th century till today.

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