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Micro-Technology Innovations in the NEW Moisturizing Soft Lotion from LA MER

18 August 2016

By Kien Lee

Weightless yet packing immense richness in texture

If there ever was an appropriate occasion for a contradicting hyperbole, this is it.

The NEW Moisturizing Soft Lotion from LA MER is the future of skincare. NOW.

The Origins of the Miracle Broth

It was half a century ago that aerospace physicist Dr Max Huber sought to transform the look of his own skin after it was left badly burnt from a laboratory accident.

Dr Huber looked to sea kelp, which has potent nourishing properties and an endless ability to regenerate.

It would take 12 years and 6,000 experiments to hone the perfect formula for the revolutionary, regenerating and rejuvenating cream.

Hand-harvesting and fermenting the marine plant into simple, pure ingredients, followed by an infusion of light and sound, the Miracle Broth™ that defined the soul of LA MER was thus born.

The Quest for Perfection

In the continuing quest at the LA MER laboratories to find treatments that help heal dryness, and restore and visibly transform the skin, building upon its Miracle Broth, the skincare label looked far beyond the realm of beauty and into a new generation of scientific exploration,

It is in the 'the power of small' that the answer was found.

From electronic materials such as liquid microchips to fluid microstructures that change the shape and function of physical materials "super-fluids" are reinventing our world. Inspired by this powerful micro-technology, innovators in the beauty world have developed a whole new level of high performing and unexpected textures - "Super Lotions".

The Super-Lotion is Borne

It is through this revolutionary super-lotion that the healing and transformative benefits of Crème de la Mer are delivered, in a weightless yet rich, new texture.

In it, an advanced formula with micro-crafted "Soft Lotion Capsules" drives Miracle Broth and Lime Tea Concentrate deep into skin to help heal dryness, replenish energy reserves and soften signs of ageing.

Lime Tea Concentrate helps protect against the damaging effects of pollution and other environmental aggressors known to irritate the skin.

The Future of Skincare. NOW.

In developing The Moisturizing Soft Lotion, LA MER took a step into the future by reinventing the proprietary Moisture Spheres found in the Moisturizing Soft Cream, launched in 2012.

First, the Moisture Spheres are made so small that they flow like water. Then, with highly specialized Capsule Technology, each Moisture Sphere or soft lotion center is encased in a fresh and deeply hydrating gel.

Transformation starts at first touch as millions of the micro-sized spheres that - by virtue of their size - flow like droplets of water to flood skin with healing hydration to help plump from within.

Used every day, it reduces visible irritation and redness, and strengthens skin's barrier to smooth and soften lines and wrinkles.

One by one, the Soft Lotion Capsules form the fundamental structure of The Moisturizing Soft Lotion, which penetrates to the skin's very center.

Qualities of the Moisturizing Soft Lotion

The gel surrounding the soft lotion center makes the lotion feel healthy and fresh on the skin. In moments, the hydrating gel floods skin with energy and moisture - helping plump skin from within.

The gel immediately melts into skin and the soft lotion center, containing the transformative Miracle BrothTM and Lime Tea ConcentrateTM, is released deeply into the skin. Hydration begins immediately as the center of the capsule boosts the performance and provides a unique texture sensation.

Soft Lotion Capsules enable rapid release and quick absorption of active ingredients, penetrating deeply to begin healing immediately. Flooded with energy and moisture, skin looks and feels softer on contact.

The Moisturizing Soft Lotion (50ml) retails at S$430 and is available in Singapore from August at:

Tangs Orchard
310 & 320 Orchard Road, C.K. Tang Ltd, Singapore 238864
(65) 6733 7269

SEVIIN at Tangs
310 & 320 Orchard Road, Level 7, C.K. Tang Ltd, Singapore 238864
(65) 6735 6762

391 Orchard Road, Level 1, Cosmetic Department, Singapore 238873
(65) 6737 4107

Robinsons The Heeren
260 Orchard Road, Singapore 238855
(65) 6836 5471

Metro Paragon
290 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859
(65) 6734 5695

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